INDIANA. Nel cuore della democrazia più complicata del mondo

Bidi (Indian cigarettes for the poor made of tendu leaves) rollers. Dudhisswar, Ahmedabad, 2007
Lakshmi, 9 years, in the Bhajanashram. Vrindavan, India, 2004. Lakshmi bears the name of the goddess of wealth. Born blind, she is orphan of both her parents. She comes to sing every day in the Bhajanashram. Dressed in white, the color of renunciation and of mourning, shaved, she is a vegetarian and lives without shoes because “it is good to walk barefoot on Krishna’s land”. She is one of Lord Krishna’s brides too.
Chanchalma (“ma” stays for old midwife) at work. Pasunj, 2007
Ela Bhatt and Mariella Gramaglia. Gandhi ashram, Ahmedabad, 2007

Di Mariella Gramaglia con fotografie di Laura Salvinelli